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rev. stan riley - 12/15/00 23:02:59
My Email:snriley@ripnet.com

duncan,bruce - 12/12/00 16:48:29
My Email:duncan_bruce@hotmail.comgenealogy
Keywords: genealogy,gaspe/miramichi
searching for information concerning great grand parents james duncan and margery garrett,from new carlisle and/or port daniel gaspe.james was born in 1851, margery garrett 5 feb. 1857. believe they moved to blackville, new brunswick in the 1870,s.

leonard delaney - 12/06/00 02:16:20
My Email:len.ann.delaney@sympatico.casearching
searching for more damily roots. I was born in New Carlisle,my father was Ernest,my grandfather was James,married to Isobel Starnes.I would like to find out more about my grandfathers family

Alison Lane - 11/26/00 23:31:51
My Email:alison_lane@ocdsb.edu.on.ca
You have quite a wealth of information here. In my research for my own family tree I have much more information on my father's side (Lane) than my mother's side (Chedore). I'm glad that someone else has had more luck than me. Congratulations on your success! Alison Lane Ottawa, ON

diane sinnett - 11/18/00 06:42:55
My Email:diane_sinnett@hotmail.com
Keywords: swan
very interesting .my ancestor edward sinnett from griffin cove gaspe is on the census of perce in 1777.he was married to josette robert.they say he came from wexford ireland.his parenrs were william sinnett and jane o'neil.i can't go any further ...help! !

PIERRE WARREN - 11/16/00 01:54:12

Susan Sylke - 10/11/00 13:03:28
My Email:susansylke@earthlink.net
NEW Email address still researching CHEDORE (Alexander & wife Maria Flowers) secondary names CHATTERTON BROTHERTON & BEEBE of New Carlisle & Gascon

Shirley Coffin - 10/08/00 18:52:10
My Email:scoffin@nbnet.nb.ca
Keywords: Here is my update on my new e-mail address!
Hi I was born in Gaspe,i love going back every year,but i didn't get down this year,maybe next year in the summer time,my family is from Sunny Bank,and Sandy Beach,i love these'sweb page's keep up the good work,thanks again Shirley Coffin

Holly Hackett - 10/06/00 16:25:35
My Email:holly2701@hotmail.com
Keywords: Hackett, Nelson,LeMaistre
Just discovered your great site! I am researching the Hacketts of Gaspe and have found ancestors who are buried or died in Bonaventure and Paspebiac. I have an Emily Hackett who married Charles Nelson and she died in Paspebiac. Their daughter Rose Nelson arried C.P. LeMaistre and had a son named Charles LeMaistre located in Bonaventure. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Kathleen Macrae - 09/28/00 15:20:05
My Email:buckkmac@yahoo.com
Keywords: Macrae family
I find your work very good, I myself am working on the Macrae family tree in Québec. I have not yet found a link between your files and mind, but who knows... Kathleen

Wilson Dow - 09/06/00 13:21:45
My Email:wilson_dow@scotiacapital.com
Raymond-What a surprise, I fell upon your site while browsing Gaspelink. I was curious if it was you until I looked at the photos. It has been a long time since I spent a weekend with the Garrett's in Gascon, but I had lunch with your Mom not that long ag . Perhaps you still remember me-from Port Daniel. Keep up the great work and good health.

Gilbert MacWhirter - 09/01/00 17:51:43
My Email:gilbert@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Very much enjoyed your genealogy info and history. Found some more on my own ancestors. I appreciate all the work you put into it

Elizabeth Ann Wendlandt - 08/01/00 03:40:41
My Email:eawjrw@aol.com
Keywords: willett/duthie
my grandmother, Sarah anna willett came from New Richmond in about 1895 to live in essex, essex, massachusetts and marry parker c. choate. her mother was a duthie from New richmond, too.

Michael Skene - 08/01/00 00:53:40
My Email:tigris@sympatico.ca
Two weeks ago, I visited for the first time British Interpretation Center of Gaspesia in New Richmond. I found their genealogy center, and I saw some micro-films concerning on Scotland or England, but the person in charge was not able to tell me the name of the source. Do you know what they have exactly, and if anything available in Montreal area. I was missing time, and I found my ancestor William Skene from Aberdeen, Scotland and his father was John and his mother, Agnes. I discovered at the end, I was born in October 1810. My assumption is a first seight, I can probably go back during the 18 or 7th Century. If it is the case, I could help an other Skene, in South Africa. Let me know, if you have detail concerning the name of those micro-films series in New Richmond.

Bonnie Fenton - 07/31/00 23:10:27
My Email:bonniefenton@mindspring.com
Thanks for all your research! I'm a descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth Lenfestey LEMESSURIER, buried 1846 in Gaspe at Indian Cove, Forillon National Park. I've been researching the Guernsey cod fishermen and saw reference to Nicholas Mesurier (one "s"), who owned a fishing company in 1777 in St George (next village from Indian Cove)- and had a son Thomas who married Elizabeth Lenfesty. I need help with the "S"s!! Could these be the same people? Any help would be appreciated!

Bonnie Fenton - 07/31/00 23:04:42
My Email:bonniefenton@mindspring.com
Thanks for all your research! I'm a descendant of Thomas and Elizabeth Lenfestey LEMESSURIER, buried 1846 in Gaspe at Indian Cove, Forillon National Park. I've been researching the Guernsey cod fishermen and saw reference to Nicholas Mesurier (one "s"), who owned a fishing company in 1777 in St George (next village from Indian Cove)- and had a son Thomas who married Elizabeth Lenfesty. I need help with the "S"s!! Could these be the same people? Any help would be appreciated!

Bernice Marsden - 07/26/00 12:47:04
My Email:_Bernice_Marsden@excite.com
I am a Flowers, directly descended from Robert Flowers and Alice Pennington but ont he other side of the ocean - England. Love your pages - just wonderful

Harold McLellan - 07/24/00 11:51:16
My Email:harold.mclellan@ns.sympatico.ca
I am a descendant of John McClelland b c 1799 and an early settler of Gaspe.

Glenda - 07/16/00 02:13:08
My Email:Glenard@xenon.net
Keywords: SHERAR
Hi Ray, found your site on the net, I am descended from one George Sherar, b. c. 1810 Leith, but family hailed from Caithness. His parents, Francis Sherar and Janet Dingwall/Dinnes, Francis born 1785 Bower, Caithnes to George Sherar and Janet Bruce. If you have ever seen this family in your travels please contact me as I am having trouble learning exaclty where George was born and his birth date and year. George had siblings, Janet, Francis, John, James, Ada. Francis, his father, had siblings, Margaret, Anne Janet and Daniel. Any help or guidance would be wonderful.

- 07/14/00 00:08:58

Rayene Sperbeck - 07/14/00 00:07:18
My Email:rayene@san.rr.com
Keywords: Splude
My great great-grandfather was Hilaire Splude. I know his birth place was Miguasha, Quebec in about 1834. He married Margaret Paquet of Metis. He and his family appear in the Restigouche County census starting in 1871. Three of their children are listed as being born in Quebec. I think the other five were born in Restigouche County. The three born in Quebec were Charlotte,13, Mary, 10, and Elizabeth, 12. The other children were Lucy, 5, Larry, 9, Edward, 7, James, 6, and Francis,1. This was the 1871 ensus. Through a little detective type thinking, my husband and I decided that Hilaire changed his name to Larry in that census. In the 1881 he was still Larry and in the 1891 records he had become Lawrence. Their daughter, Mary became my great-grandmoth r. She married a William Duff and they had a daughter, Catherine, who was born in 1882. I don't know, but I think William Duff died at a young age, leaving Mary to raise the little girl alone. In 1901 Catherine married Daniel Harrigan in Dalhousie. He wa the light-weight boxing champion of Canada in 1898 and her family was not too happy about the union. The young family came to California about 1904 and had eight children. They suffered a horrible tragedy when Catherine was killed in a car-train acciden in 1917. I would like very much to find out any possible information about Spludes, or Paquets. I know nothing more than what I listed and that was a treasure to come across at the Provencial Archives in Fredricton, N.B. in May. Any help would be reall appreciated. Rayene Sperbeck

Karen Acteson Schlichte - 06/10/00 20:26:12
My Email:cbksbhc@televar.com
I am a descendant of James Alexander Acteson/Albert Eward Acteson/John Joseph Acteson. I have been in contact with Kerry Price and we are planning a trip up the Gaspe' the first week of August. You have a great family web site! Lots of good informatio . Karen

Beth Scott - 06/06/00 23:06:11
My Email:bmscott@cgocable.net
Keywords: Beebe, Watt, McWhirter
My maternal gggrandparents were William Watt-son of Henry Watt & Sarah Hamilton and Catherine Isabel Beebe-dau. of Amos Beebe & Jane Ross. Their daughter Ida Ann Watt married Gilbert John McWhirter. I am looking for any information on the McWhirter family I have Gilbert`s birth as March 7, 1868 but that is all the info I have.

Beve Mercier - 05/28/00 16:27:14
My Email:mercdee@sprint.ca
A very interesting area for viewing,being born in New Carlisle and now living in Ontario,the available research material is fasinating

Bill Eull - 05/22/00 19:14:11
My Email:billeull@sympatico.ca
My wife is a Beebe descended from New York and Wisconsin Beebe's. I can't connect her to any of yours, however. Yet. Thanks for posting your site. Bill

Clare Tapp - 05/12/00 22:30:18
My Email:ctapp@sympatico.ca
Keywords: Tapp Scott
Have extensive research on Gaspe Tapp's and related names and would like to share info. In particular looking for info on gggrandfather Charles Tapp Gaspe Lighthouse Keeper who married Lillian Scott ca. 1835-1860 in Gaspe or the North Shore.

Darlene Campbell - 04/23/00 23:16:09
My URL:http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=SHOW&db=dar&recno=0
My Email:DCamp70537@AOL.com
Keywords: Astles/Gillis
My maternal gg-grandparents were John Campbell Astles (b. about 1834)and Margaret Gillis. Their daughter Jane Anna Bella Astles (b. 4 October 1854) was my great-grandmother. She married Andrew James Smith 25 February 1879. I have not been able to connect either John Campbell Astles or his wife Margaret Gillis, to their parents, even though I have numerous Astles and Gillis families in my database. Is there anyone out there who might be able to help? Many thanks.

Ellen - 04/12/00 16:39:38
My Email:Newsie21@aol.com
Keywords: LANE
Hi - I am researching my family. We know for a fact that we have a relative (Jedediah Lane) who was born in Quebec in 1824. We think he later moved into Vermont, and we know he married a woman by the name of Mary Ann (FITZPATRICK) Lane...no date on that y t. They had several children...Jediah, Joan, Mary Ann, Pheobe, Alice. Anyway, I thought maybe some of these names might sound familiar to you. Please email me if you can help me out. Thank you!!!!Ellen Arigo

Clifford LaMear - 04/06/00 19:37:58
My Email:cliff-arline@seasurf.net
Keywords: George Lucas
My ancestor Amelia Lucas was born in Cape Cove in 1804. Her father was Fitzhugh Lucas. She might have been a sister to your George and Fitzhugh would be another generation for you.

Carol - 03/29/00 16:23:36
My Email:c.cunday@sympatico.ca
Looking for information on my gggggrandfather William Huntington b,abt.1759. He married Margaret Travers d/o John Travers & Sarah Townsend. Other family names include Flowers, Dow, Sullivan, Chatterton, Beebe, McKay.

AldoBrochet - 03/27/00 17:58:29
My Email:aldobrochet@canoemail.com
Enjoy every visit. Pls note my email change for all Channel Islander & Irish search in Gaspe County. focus: Valpy-dit-Janvrin, Du Val, Godfray.

Anne Brand - 03/24/00 21:19:27
My Email:Anbran@telus.net
Keywords: McRae, Chisholm
Hi, you have a great genealogical data bank. Thanks for letting it be looked at. I am looking for a Loyalist John McRae who ended up in Glengarry County, Ontario and married Isobel Chisholm. They are my g-g-grandparents. They had their first child, Do ald in 1806 in Cornwall, Ont. I thought that there might be a connection with the McRaes you have.

James MacDonald - 03/18/00 22:00:35
My Email:jmmacd1@juno.com
Keywords: Escuminac
My ggrandfather John MacDonald, a wheelwright and ship builder settled in the Gaspe in 1842, with his wife Ann (McNeely) MacDonald. They came from Donegal Town, Co. Donegal. His oldest son, William married Margaret Elizabeth Forbes. John died in 1868, ut do not have info on this. Are records available to search for this information?

Ste-Croix, Thomas - 03/12/00 20:52:20
My Email:scroix@total.net

Karen Wylie - 03/06/00 02:11:44
My Email:kwylie@cam.org
Keywords: WYLIE and DELANEY(Port Daniel/Shigawake)-MITCHELL(Barachois)
Interested in finding out more about my roots in the Gaspe. William Wylie married to Mathilda Delaney circa 1880. Susanne Mitchell born circa 1880 in Barachois, Perce.

roxa tuttle kreimeyer - 03/01/00 01:25:23
My Email:vicroxak@televar.com
Keywords: Tuttle loyalist
Thanks. A great service for us seekers!

- 02/24/00 20:53:03

William Mc Neil - 02/24/00 20:51:35
My Email:wmcneil@cgaspesie.qc.ca
Good day Raymond, My great grandfather, Roderick was married to Ester Garrett. Phil Garrett from the Hamilton road was little cousin to my father. David Archibald, Phil's father, whom everybody called Archie, was cousin to my granfather William. As soon as I retire I will e looking in all this so all what I find on your site is very usefull. Archie's father was Jos, brother to Ester. Both were children of William garrett and Ruth Sawyer. William Mc Neil

Dawn Ellis - 02/14/00 03:59:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Shores/4047
My Email:dsellis@nbnet.nb.ca
I am interested in any info you have on Clement HOLMES & Ann PATSON (& descendants & ancestors). Thanks

Van Wall - 02/11/00 10:11:40
My Email:vwall@globetrotter.net
Hello, from a former student. Discovered your site as I was researching my family tree. Lots of good information that I will have to come back to! Can you give me any leads where I might get more on the Wall's.

Margo Love - 02/06/00 10:15:31
My Email:marglove@telusplanet.net
Keywords: Garrett/Thompson Family
Thanks for the great place to find info. In one evening I have found out so much about my family history and have begun to piece together some of the connections I knew must be somewhere. I am elated!

ken mahan - 01/31/00 07:01:24
My Email:kmahan@sk.sympatico.ca
looking for connections to mahan,baker,bossy,mercier,cain from gaspe.

ken mahan - 01/24/00 04:37:55
My Email:kmahan@sk.sympatico.ca
i have a number of the same surnames in my mahan file that connect to your tree.

Thompson, John Donald - 01/19/00 18:40:56
My Email:donsan@nbnet.nb.ca
I've found your sight really helpful. I am a descendant of John Thompson and Margaret Gallon through their son Hugh his son John and Annie Garrett. My grand father was Augustus Alexander and my father was John Donald Freeman. Would like to know more ab ut Annie Garrett. Thanks

Barbara Krogh - 01/11/00 20:31:28
My Email:bcuz@dellnet.com
Just received email from Darlene about your space. Looking for info on Robertsons. Also Peggy W. in New Richmond just responded and we are related through the Robertsons-decendants of Hugh Robertson and Elizabeth (Betsy) McCormick.

Elizabeth Saville - 01/11/00 16:40:05
My Email:Elizabeth_Saville@nynet.nybe.on.ca
Keywords: McKenzie
Still a great site! Have appreciated hearing from many interested in the McKenzie surname. I have a GEDCOM file available now if others are interested. The file includes the descendants of Lawrence and Mary (Craig) McKenzie and William and Isabella (Beari to) Mckenzie. All research sources have been cited. Still trying to find the origins of William McKenzie bca1794 who married Isabella Bearisto from PEI. Is it possible he is a son of Lawrence bca1740? Elizabeth

John Kempffer - 01/11/00 01:29:49
My Email:kempffer7@hone.com
I've been researching my families history in the Gaspe for many years. My ancestor Fredric Louis Kempffer was married to Elizabeth Caldwell in the late 1700's

Maureen McKillican - 01/04/00 10:09:51
My Email:mmck25@oanet.com
Keywords: Cass Family
Hi, I'm A decendant of Josiah Cass Sr's, Your page is Great! Here's some Cass dates ect. Josiah Jr. born dec 12,1761, Hartford , Conneticut Married Margaret Ferguson who died Feb 11, 1859, there children were Andrew b feb 9 1787 who married Sarah Hunt,Jos ah b dec 9, 1790 married Desire Lucas. Mercey b nov 6,1793 married Joseph Baker. Jane b jan 8,1795 married Phillip Mabe. Elihu b aug 1,1798 married Lizzie Campbell. Margaret b feb 19,1801 married Phillip Beck. Charles b jan 26, 1803 married E(Elizabeth?)B rton or Bunting?.Ann b sept 1,1806 married Edward Beck.Daniel b jan 13, 1809 married Margaret Annett born 1812.Andrew married Sarah Hunt, there children were John,Josiah,Andrew,Margaret,MaryAnn, Louisa,Rebeca,Racheal,and Joseph Pomeroy , sorry I have no dates for them.If you want anymore Cass Info don't hesitate to contact me . Sincerly Maureen McKillican

Dave Brotherton - 01/02/00 21:14:37
My Email:dave@brothertond.freeserve.co.uk
very helpful

Norman K. Crowder - 12/20/99 21:50:10
My Email:ah009@FreeNet.Carleton.Ca
Very helpful. Re McKenzie, Lawrence - one additional child Sarah born at Three Rivers 15 August 1781 - garrison church record National Archives of Canada microfilm C-2923

Arden Thompson - 10/15/99 00:49:03
My Email:ardent@auracom.com
Keywords: Thompson
Great site! I am interested in information on John Thompson (1770)married Margaret Gallon d/o John Gallon and Christine Smart in New Carlisle. and also information on John Gallon and /or Christine Smart. I am decended fron John and Margret via their son Hugh f/o Arthur f/o Chesley f/o Arden sr. (my father) Thanks for the volume of information on your site!

Elizabeth Saville - 10/04/99 17:30:39
My Email:Elizabeth_Saville@nynet.nybe.on.ca
Keywords: McKenzie
Happy to see some of the McKenzie genealogy from Port Daniel listed! I am tracing the same line. Will be in touch soon....

- 09/19/99 18:29:17

Nancy Rousseau - 09/19/99 18:27:36
My Email:nrouseau@intranet.ca
You have done a great job! Very interesting and losts of information to follow up on. I have seen many family surnames that are in our family ties for New Carlisle, PQ Looking for information on Thompson, Chatterton, Flowers ...........

Lee Moore - 09/12/99 20:15:35
My Email:puyalluphuskyfan@prodigy.net
Trying to find out information about my grandmothers Garrret line. Her name was Martha Amnia Garrett daughter of Joseph Garett and Flora Burton, brother of David Arcchibald Garrett

Harry Wade - 09/03/99 20:01:22
My Email:harbern@sympatico.ca
Keywords: ste croix,chicoine,laflamme, curion
Although I did not connect with any of my families I found your site to be most professional and very well done. I have book marked it for future ref. Harry

Chris Proctor - 08/24/99 23:35:22
My Email:proctor@suu.edu
Thank you so much for the maps.

Shirley Coffin - 08/21/99 02:04:05
My Email:my_cats99@hotmail.com
Keywords: Sunny Bank & Sandy Beach
Hi I'm just checking out my history of Gaspe i was born there Sept/27/1946. my Grand-Father & Grand-Mother was Mr.Edward Coffin and his wife was Olive Miller,they had 8 kids. I'm going to look at your page i know that i'm going to like it yours Shirley Cof in

Judy Sauson - 08/20/99 16:59:05
My Email:jsauson@mailcity.com
I just found my great-grandfather, Louis Sauson in your pages. My sister, Jayne and I are two of Louis Sauson (Jr)'s daughters. He was the son of William Sauson who, in turn is one of the children of Louis Sauson and Deborah Smith. Nice to find a commo name!

Bob Sedelow - 08/12/99 01:11:45
My Email:r.sedelow@worldnet.att.net
GREAT WORK !!! My Wife and I are just beginning our search. My G-Grandmother was Cordelia LeBrun from Canada, this is as much info as we have.

Wayne Godbehere - 08/04/99 15:39:06
My Email:godbehere@interhop.net
Great job. I am researching Willett family from New Richmond --- got to your site from a link on Peggy Willet's page. Would very much like to find additional information on McColm's in 1800/1900s. I have a small amount of additional information on a couple of your entries (e.g. middle names, etc). If you are interested I have all the data stored in FamilyTreeMaker and could export for you to pick out what you want. Let me know.. Regards, Wayne

- 07/30/99 05:20:25

Cousin D - 07/20/99 11:55:45
My URL:http://hometown.aol.com/tidadejeff/myhomepage/heritage.html
My Email:tidadejeff@aol.com
Keywords: DUGUAY
I have a database of over 1,600 Duguay ancestors. Please feel free to contact me with questions or information. This is a great site - well worth visiting! My great-grandmother's family was from Gaspe - Grand-Riviere, Riviere-Pentecote, Caille Rouge, La Pointe des Esquimanx. Does anyone know what type of resources the libraries in these towns have regarding family his

Renate Vincent - 07/18/99 01:13:48
My Email:vincent@tbaytel.net
Keywords: Owen Murray
Hi there! Have some dates for you on Owen Murray and his wife Elizabeth McInnis. E-mail if you are interested. Thank you for providing your hard work to the pubblic.

Aldo Brochet - 07/15/99 17:05:16
My Email:JohnBrochet@nextcity.com
Yr work brings us closer to a master index of surnames of value for genealogical, prosopographical and social historiographical purpose.Embedded in it coding, ideally would be hypertext links to Hessian sites, HETRINA, and Jersiais sites, CIFHS, U de Mtl emography sites, &c.Congratulations on your heritage enterprise.

Margaret - 07/12/99 22:46:19
My Email:ricoblaq@nbnet.nb.ca
Loved your site. I am searching Main/Fraser/Flowers/Chatterton. So much information given here. Thanks for a great site.

Helen Turner - 07/03/99 21:31:53
My Email:john.turner3@sympatico.ca
Keywords: Astles
Hi Raymond: Haven't talked to you in ages. Your site is terrific. I found the following and thought you might be interested. Do you think it could be our James Astles? Source: Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady. ASTLE. James, and Elisabeth McLane; m. Nov. 25, 1770. Regards...........Helen Turner

Loretta Gallie - 05/26/99 01:53:30
My Email:j&lgallie@carrinter.net
Just came upon your site, how exciting to find our ancestors and so much information!! We are direct descendants of John Francis Gallie and Elizabeth Whittom and it was exciting to find them! We were in Paspebiac in 1981 and really enjoyed it! Great Wo k!

Kandi Stark Reeder - 05/05/99 16:49:53
My Email:kantessa@aol.com
Keywords: Dobson, Thompson, Lalonde
Hi, my husband is decended from Alinda Thompson d/o Alinda Anez and Charles Thompson. Charles s/o William Thompson and Maria Dobson. Maria d/o Charles Dobson and Charlotte Chatterton. I have found some information at the Gaspe site, but would like to k ow more about resources in Canada if you can help I would appreciate it. Thank you

Susan Sylke - 04/22/99 14:24:04
My Email:SusanSylke@aolcom
New Carlisle Port Daniel Surnames Here is a partial list of the surnames that I am researching AHIER BEEBE BROTHERTON CHATTERTON CHEDORE FLOWERS and SECORD

P. Thomas - 04/16/99 01:09:27
My Email:sublico@kingston.net
Keywords: Simeon Sherman
Just found an ancestor (Simeon Sherman) listed as a soldier in Jessup's Rangers (May 1781). Your site was an interesting find. Thank you.

Maureen Beardsley - 03/14/99 17:42:08
My Email:beardsley@bc.sympatico.ca
Keywords: genealogy
Nice site. thanks for all your work

Clive Le Mesurier - 03/13/99 02:35:59
My URL:http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/l/e/m/Clive-P-Lemesurier
My Email:Okatoks@aol.com
I just found your home page so I have not looked at it but I did see some Le Mesurier's in it and I am looking forward to finding some more info on Canadian Le Mesurier's.

Kandi Stark Reeder - 03/08/99 21:50:43
My Email:kantessa@aol.com
Keywords: Anez Family
My Husband Geno Reeder is related to the Anez family thru his mother-Nancy LaLonde dau of-Donald LaLonde son of-Alex LaLonde and Alinda Thompson dau of Charles Thompson and Alinda Anez dau of George Anez and Maria Dobson. We didn't even know where in Canada to start looking until December so your site has given us some excellent places to start. Thank you for all your hard work. Is LaLonde a name from your area also?

JoAnne - 03/08/99 06:12:35
My Email:jld@worldchat.com
Keywords: Help !!
Looking for ANY info on HENDLEY/HENLEY/HENLY. James Hendley B:3/16/22 or 3/15/40. Hendley`s are out there somewhere, but they are being very elusive ? James married Mary Ann Holland (Hallihan). His parents were James and Mary Robinson If there area 'any' ancestors or anyone knowing the family, please contact me. JoAnne Great site !!

Tyran Morris - 03/08/99 00:46:35
My Email:tmorris@total.net
As a former Douglastowner, it is certainly heart warming to see the efforts put into your site. You've done a great job. Congratulations and thank you.

Nora Hunt-Davidson - 03/04/99 01:41:35
My Email:davidson@ilap.com
Keywords: Hunt/Cox
Raymond, This is an excellent site! Keep up the great work! I'm searching for info on James Hunt and Sarah Cox and settled in Pabos, Quebec. Other families I'm working on are Whittoms and Normandeau.

Shirley Coffin - 02/28/99 18:12:04
My Email:shirley_coffin@hotmail.com
i'm from Gaspe i live in New Brunswick Canada now , ilove your page your truely Shirley Coffin

Calvin Young - 02/14/99 03:57:18
My Email:icyoung@sk.sympatico.ca
Keywords: Saskatchewan
Thanks so much for the use of this page . S. Sylke you have helped so much. And Mr.Garrett the job you have done is fantastic. Any info on LeMasurier, Gallie , LeGallais and Young from the Paspebiac and Shigawake area will be appreciated . C & I Young

Calvin Roy Young - 02/13/99 06:23:44
My Email:icyoung@sk.sympatico.ca
Keywords: Saskatchewan
Thanks for the help we have received. Just found your page today. Feb.12/99 The Gallie name and Brotherton names have came into place. Calvin

Gilles Belanger - 02/11/99 03:53:47
My URL:http://www.pnet.nb.ca/ffvault
My Email:surfr@nbnet.nb.ca
Keywords: Fighting Fantasy, Steve jackson, Ian LIvingstone
My mother never new the complete history on her background and ancestors, my landing on your site I have complete the search for all my family. CHEDORE and BELANGER. Thanks, again

Mary Hickey Gibouleau - 02/05/99 19:23:37
My Email:gib1@hotmail.com
Keywords: HICKEY
My nacestors - Hickey - lived in various parts of the Gaspe from erce to Maria. They were there around 1800, then some went to NB. Can anyone tell me about any possible HICKEY information or conenction? Mary

Susan Sylke - 01/28/99 16:16:30
My Email:SusanSylke@aol.com
CHEDORE/FLOWERS Researching my ggp x 2 Alexander Chedore and Maria Flowers. Their daughter melvina Chedore b 1865 in Port Daniel m 1892 in Lennoxville to Thomas Maskrey. She died in 1932 and is buried in Lennoxville. Alexander Chedore parents were Philp e Chedore and Martha Ahier. Maria Flowers parents were William FLowers and Mary Jane Chatterton

David M.Shedore - 01/28/99 13:50:47
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Keywords: Chedore
Im just looked for Shedore,shedor,Chedore,???

Danielle Serson (Dumaresq) - 01/28/99 05:28:08
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Keywords: Dumaresq
Over the last few months I have been doing genaelogy research on the Dumaresq ancestry.....I have gotten as far back as Francois Dumaresq date of birth unknown to me......married to ?Legere ...these would be my great- great grandparents.........The nam s in your site do not sound familiar to myself........ It would be interesting to know if there is a connection....Hope your ancestry search continues to be successful......I have just started a page, but have not gotten too far

Suzanne Foisy - 01/22/99 21:24:12
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Keywords: Lavoie
Looking for information on Jean-Baptist Lavoie Born in Gaspe, Quebec around 1880's. Relocated to Mattawa, Ontario. Anyone?

John Kempffer - 01/07/99 18:14:51
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I've been researching my families history in the Gaspe for many years. My ancester Fredric Louis Kempffer was married to Elizabeth Caldwell in the late 1700's.

Nicole Gauthier - 12/20/98 21:36:32
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I've seen some familiar name here and was wondering if anyone has information on the McSWEENEY or SWEENEY family of Gaspe. I am not having much success in searching for my GG-grandparents Charles McSWEENEY & Elisabeth SAVARD who lived in Gaspe. I have information for their daughter onward: Appoline McSWEENEY (AKA Pauline SWEENEY) who married a LAMONTAGNE in 1889. Thanks for any help, NICOLE

Carolyn Clark - 12/06/98 19:19:10
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What a wonderful site. I have been able to fill in many holes in my family tree.

Raymond Garrett - 12/06/98 16:41:38
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Keywords: Loyalist
Hi everyone. Previous querries have been archived and are online as volume 1. This year, I am working full-time so I will not be able to add as much new material as I hoped. I hope to post corrections to my data every three months. Seasons greetings for the winter solstice festivities.