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June Exelby - 11/30/98 00:39:34
My Email:junexelby@dig.craik.sk.ca

Great site. You have certainly done a lot of work. I am looking for the clue to find these people in the UK. They sure seem to have covered their tracks well. Thanks for letting me look.

Marcel Chedore - 11/29/98 20:15:02
My Email:mchedore@tbaytel.net

A very good job of putting together our family tree.It is nice to know that I still have family. Thanks Marcel

John Kempffer - 11/26/98 06:26:25
My Email:kempffer@ionsys.com

Good to see so many relatives posted on the Web!

shirley garrett-mcculloch - 11/22/98 01:16:27
My Email:peterm@efni.com

keep up the good work , raymond. its been a long time since we've been in touch.

David Cooke - 11/20/98 06:08:21
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I made a mistake in the URL for my web site,GASPE ROOTS. This is the correct URL. Sorry for the inconvience this may have caused.

sharron garrett - 11/19/98 13:08:04
My Email:sharron.garrett2sympatico.ca

Hi;William was born in Pabos to Joseph and Mary Ann Gillis,He was born June 29/1863.He married Annie Maria Hurley .Have you ever heard of Lizzard Island?When they were first married they lived on it. They lived in Bar River Ont His brother James and sist r Jane also lived there.

Linda Garrett - 11/18/98 00:33:48
My Email:sharron.garrett@sympatico.ca

Very interesting,my husband is Williams grandson. I am trying to do from him on.Do you have any information on John?

Carol - 11/17/98 23:48:38
My Email:cc.hickey@sympatico.ca

Hi! I am researching my gggrandfather Donald Ross born 1830 who married Sara Jane McRae born 1838. From what I understand they were both from the Bonaventure County, Hopetown was the name of the town where they lived. I am searching for any informatio , re: their parents, their children. Any information would be helpful. Thank you Carol

Carol - 11/17/98 23:43:55
My Email:cc.hickey@sympatico.ca

Hi! I forgot to add that I am looking for information on the Ross name alsos the McRae. My gggrandfather was Donald Ross born 1830 who married Sara Jane McRae born 1838. That is all the information I have, if you can help it would be appreciated. Thank .

Carol - 11/17/98 23:34:33
My Email:cc.hickey@sympatico.ca

Very well put together. You have done a lot of tremendous work to complete your studies. I am sure you were extremely helpful to a alot of searchers. Thank you.

David Cooke - 11/10/98 08:14:03
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My Email:dcooke@tcel.com

I always enjoy visiting your site, Raymond. You have done a great job with it. Lots of good info. Come visit my site to see pictures of New Carlisle and area. researching - Beebe, Chatterton, Cooke, Day and LeBrasseur in the GAspe.

jack mckinnon - 11/08/98 20:40:04
My Email:kvbb41a@prodigy.com

my ggf immigrated to gasp'e around 1845 he had a store and provision supply for ships and for hunters and trappers on isle de anticosti. i got this from a biography of my gm sister who was a member of the order of the good shepard in quebec, city. my ance tors name was pj jones or jp jones. he ma. a julia douge from quebec, city in barachois.approx 1854.i am interested in any or all documentation of his time in gasp'e.he was an official of education in barachois. he had 10 children all born in barachois in the parish of st. pierre de malbie.one son jones jr. buried at the church cemetary,

Ron Chenier - 11/03/98 22:52:14
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My Email:ron@ftn.net

I see you also have William Smith and Catherine Black in you genealogy. They are my direct ancestors on my mothers side. Do you know if much research has been done to try to find Williams parents. Thank you for your time. Cheers.... Ron Chenier

John Le Garignon - 10/26/98 01:45:08
My Email:j.legarignon@videotron.ca

Have not forgotten that we must be in contact one of those days and share infos on the Gaspé Coast and specially the Loyalists in Douglastown..Got a bit more time now so whenever you are ready....let me know.. Always appreciating your page and its content. Keep up the good work.... John P. Le Garignon

Frank J. Vautier - 10/22/98 01:05:41
My Email:fvautier@aol.com

Three generations from Jersey, C.I. via Gaspe. Family names: Vautier, Jessop/Jessup, Morris, O'Neil, Glynn/Glenn. Great Website!

Lenore Law - 10/18/98 11:48:30
My Email:llaw@sympatico.ca

What a wonderful site. I have "found" 160 Perrée families that live in the Gaspé area but have little information on any of them and hope this site might correct that. I am interested in any and ALL Perrée persons. Who can help? Thanks for the opportu ity to "visit" the Gaspé region.

Marie-T - 10/15/98 03:18:48
My URL:http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/t/r/a/Marie-T-Trachy/
My Email:lauzon@catlover.com

Congratulations! Still looking for info on the Trachy family from Cape Cove and area!

Marjorie Gilliland (Nelson) - 10/13/98 18:30:31
My Email:Povurty@aol.com

I am the Great great grandaughter of Thomas Fitzallen Nelson. I see that you list some of my relatives as Neilson. Everything I have list them as Nelson. Can you give me more information?

William James Flowers - 10/11/98 00:44:56
My Email:billA43@aol.com

Your resource is invaluable to me. It was recommended by Darlene Campbell. Am I ever glad she told me about it. Thanks very much! Bill

Patti Martin - 10/02/98 04:59:29
My Email:Pattipuss@aol.com

My family (grandmother-fathers side) was from Old Harry, Magdalen Islands ( Iles de la madeleine) Her name was Barbara Catherine Dunn (maiden) Packard (married). Her father was Isaac Edward Dunn and her mother was Mary Catherine Clark. I'm looking for any info on Magdalen Islands - genealogy Dunn/Clark. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Barbara Catherine Dunn Born: Oct 21, 1892 - Old Harry, Magdalen Isle Died: Aug 7, 1991 - Grindstone, Magdalen Isle

John Brooker - 09/27/98 10:57:20
My Email:jbrooker@wantree.com.au

Congratulations on a wonderful site, Raymond. Many thanks for posting your work. I found a great deal of information on my Gaspesion ancestors. Alexander Brotherton is my gggg grandfather through his daughter Joanna who married James Scott. John

Bryan MacNeil - 09/24/98 01:23:02
My Email:macgaspe@total.net

I found this site very interesting, congradulations. I am researching my mothers family from Barachois, they would be the desendants of William St-Croix and Aubin Chicoine. Any information is appreciated.

Ray G. Le Blanc - 08/14/98 04:23:22
My Email:rleblanc@wincom.net

love it

Eric Garrett - 07/22/98 18:50:52
My Email:eegrret@fls.infi.net

Are we related? My grandparents are Harry Garrett and Mary Patterson, both of Gaspe'. I believe my grandmother's family ran a store in Gaspe'. My grandfather's father was named Tom Garrett, I think. Anyway, I'm just starting out tracing my family and igured this would be a good place to start. Thanks 'Ric

Tom - 07/22/98 01:01:07
My Email:leprechaun@intranet.ca

Many thanks for posting your work and providing a guest book. I am researching the descendants of John Dunn with related families, Synnet, Bouley, Chouinard, Dereche, Element, English.

Robert L. Kane - 07/17/98 05:37:40
My Email:rjkane@sprint.ca

The Gaspeian's History site is great. Who is this Daniel Sullivan in the "Gaspe of Yesterday"? Is he related? I know most, if not all the SULLIVAN'S in that region are in some way or another related.Sentenced to death in New Carlisle 1866. I'm curious about this one. Keep up the great work . 'm still going over my notes from last weekend. Rob Vol. 10 - No. 356 Spec 95 - 12 - 03

Howard Birnie - 07/08/98 00:33:58
My Email:birnie@interlog.com

I found a great deal of info on my ancestors from Gaspe-Sullivans, Huntingtons, Flowers, Powers, Travers, Townsend. Great stuff. Thanks a lot

Faye massey (Gallie) - 06/13/98 23:48:17
My Email:vfmassey@quadro.net

John Francis Gallie b.1789 Jersey,C.I. and married Anna Maria Scott are my direct line and I am back to 1624 in Jersey. I have all the info on the Gallie's of Paspebiac and will be happy to share. Maybe you can help on this ? Francis Gallie who married Margaret Brotherton, he was born 1769 in the C.I. and died Mar.3,1824 Margaret went on to marry Jacques L'Amy This Francis was an Uncle to John Francis above. Did Francis and Margaret have children? Regards Faye

Pat Carey - 06/13/98 14:40:40
My Email:patcarey@nbnet.nb.ca

Interesting and well done. My interests concern my family history at Black Cape and area.

Dave de Bourcier - 06/12/98 16:33:23
My Email:ddebourc@wkpowerlink.com

Researching surnames, Coutanche, deBourcier, Gavey, Herault. James John HERAULT was captain of the Robins ship PATRUUS which foundered in 1875. Several members of the other families sailed as cod-fisherman or crew for Robins and others. Am trying to locate evidence of their passing in Gaspé and other Atlantic seaboard areas.

Eleanor Greenan - 06/09/98 03:32:09
My Email:EMECG@aol.com

Looking for information on my grandmother, Anna M. McDonald born in Gaspe on 8-19-1872. Her parents were John McDonald and Maria fingleton who came from Ireland on a ship that sunk near Caps-des -Rosiers. They were saved by the Carriach. Any informatio is appreciated. Thanks Eleanor Greenan

Garry Hayes - 06/06/98 21:51:55
My Email:shigorgn@globetrotter.qc.ca

Raymond, I found this site very interesting, congratulations on a job well done. I was initially referred to the site by our cousin, Henry Edward Wright III. I went to school with a Walter, Richard and Raymond Garrett at Shigawake-Port Daniel School. Richard works in Paspebiac; are these your brothers?

Elsie Girard - 06/02/98 04:08:16
My Email:beach@magma.ca

Excellent site. I am searching the Girard, LeGresley, Hunt, Hotten, Lucas and Boyle surnames. Anyone with any info please contact me. My father was Leslie Henry Girard Son of Arthur Girard and Elsie Saphire LeGresley Arthur was the son of Philip Girard and Eliza Hotten. Elsie Saphire LeGresley was the daughter of Philip LeGresley and Margaret Georgina Hunt

Vivien Henderson - 06/01/98 02:34:22
My Email:Vivien2ibm.net

Hi I found your site very interesting, however, you do not give a place of birth for any of the Almonds in most cases... I am an Almond decendent and have been trying very unsuccessfully to trace them, however as my decendents come from Liverpool area of Eng and, I don't think your site has been much help to me.. My Gr. Gr. Grandmother was Alice Almond, who married one John Shalliker, and her sister Esther married John's brother william both were married at the Sefton Parish Church in Sefton England.. did yo ever come across any of your family coming from this area? If so would you please contact me.. I did find your site rather interesting regardless of the fact I couldn't connect with the Almond branch..

Wayne Buttle - 05/25/98 00:25:02
My Email:wayne.buttle@ns.sympatico.ca


Sharon - 05/18/98 00:04:57
My Email:nylander@techline.com

Great work!!

Ed Jones - 05/13/98 13:53:15
My Email:eajones@interhop.net

This is great, keep up the good work.

bruce law - 05/11/98 16:27:32
My Email:blaw@aol.com

just what the doctor ordered in helping me trace my new carlisle roots

Heather - 05/10/98 16:12:57
My Email:taffyhea@nbnet.nb.ca

I enjoyed your site - you certainly have done a lot of work - I was wandering about "John Thompson" who married "Margaret Gallen" - have you been able to trace where "John" came from before he came to the Gaspe? I would be curious to know as I think tha we may be related.

Susan Sylke - 05/10/98 13:19:18
My Email:SusanSylke@aol.com

Raymond, excellent site. It is so good to see those Gaspe names up there. Thank you so much for sharing your information with us who are unable to get to the Gaspe. Common names: AHIER CHEDORE

RMaskrey - 05/06/98 19:01:55
My Email:RMask2@aol.com

Very interesting. My ancestors were from the GAspe area and I have been trying to do some research on them Names Researching AHIER BEEBE BROTHERTON CHATTERTON CHEDORE FLOWERS MABIE SECORD and MASKREY Thank you so much for sharing your information with those of us who are not able to get to the Gaspe.

RMaskrey - 05/06/98 18:52:18
My Email:RMask2@aol.com

Very interesting. My ancestors were from the GAspe area and I have been trying to do some research on them Names Researching AHIER BEEBE BROTHERTON CHATTERTON CHEDORE FLOWERS MABIE SECORD and MASKREY Thank you so much for sharing your information with those of us who are not able to get to the Gaspe.

Kitty McLaughlin - 05/04/98 11:27:56
My Email:kittymac@acadia.net

Thank you, Raymond, for posting your surnames on your website, which is how I found my ggg grandfather. It is people like you who make searching for our past much easier, especially when you think you've hit a brick wall and are hundreds of miles away.
Brian Wade - 04/30/98 08:22:20
My Email:dreamglass@bc.sypatico.ca

Doing researcher on John Mclaren born 1908-1910 at Tanishansion, Que.

Gaby Burke-Vienneau - 04/20/98 12:55:28
My Email:burkegab@nbnet.nb.ca

Hi! I am interested in your Web site since it has information from Gaspé. I am searching any family with the name Burke from that area, along with the families who married with them; the Brown, Flowers and the David. I am looking forward to check your informa ion more closely at a later date since I am presently giving the finishing touches to my first genealogy book. An Acadian Irish, Gaby

George polson - 04/15/98 02:40:16
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My Email:72000.3715@compuserve.com

Very good work we are obviously some distant relative looking through your data base you have I believe the same John Stewart listed twice once as wife of Mary McKinnon and once as father of John Stewart born in 1822, I desend from Charles Stewart another son of John and Mary and have some hard and soft data on themif you are interested george

L. Cote - 04/08/98 03:11:43
My Email:Lcote@netbistro.com

Great sight! Edward Burton is my Great great great grandfather! Got some good information!

Francis Chedore - 03/29/98 18:27:30
My Email:franche@globetrotter.net

Bonjour Richard,je te félicite pour ta page elle m'a été d'un grand secours.Il me ferait plaisir de comparer mes notes avec toi. Merci encore et aurevoir. Francis Chedore.

Ken MacCallum - 03/29/98 07:22:10
My Email:bgkj@kos.net

A wonderful genealogy site you have here. Was able to fill in a lot of blanks in my Secord/Beebe/Ramier line. I'm a gr-gr-grandson of Elizabeth Ramier and John MacCallum. We had always thought in our family that Elizabeth Ramier's mother Anne Beebe(1798-1 66) was a daughter of Joshua Beebe(1778-1844), but I guess somewhere along the way we got it wrong, so thank you for providing the means to set the record right. -keep up the good work, -Ken

Stuart Cordue - 03/28/98 12:11:01
My Email:stu_cordue@hotmail.com

I am intrigued to see John Cordue in your database. A John Cordue emmigrated to New Zealand in 1875 from County Clare in Ireland with his family. My father Tom, myself and my two sons (John and paul) are direct descendants. We are not aware of any other Cordues anywhere else in the world! Any information you have on Cordues will be greatly appreciated. regards Stu

Judy Buttle - 03/26/98 14:42:29
My Email:jbuttle.hotmail.com

Raymond, I checked out your website and was very impressed. I am the granddaughter of Laura Chedore formerly of Gascon. I was glad to come upon your site because I have been searching for my mothers family tree for a long time. I have a few names that was gather d at the court house in New Carlisle. I believe that we could be related. Keep up the good work.

Brian Dea - 03/21/98 22:52:21
My Email:onedea@wr.com.au

Raymond, Thank for the notice of the posting of your genealogy information on the net. I look forward to reviewing the information. Regards,

William R. King - 03/21/98 13:40:24
My Email:wk5730@aol.com

Impressed by the extent of the information you have. My wife's ancestor Reubin Mott was a member of Jessup's Rangers. In my research I did not find them connected to the Queens Loyal Rangers. Reuben and his brother Henry, also with th unit, settled in wha are now Leeds and Grenville Counties of Ontario.

John P. Le Garignon - 03/19/98 17:52:26
My Email:john.legarignon@justice.x400.gc.ca

I have been trying to answer your message to me. If you do not get it before April 15, 1998 by regular e-mail, please contact me back after that date. Thanks and congratulations for your page on the Loyalists on the Gaspé Coast.

Michelle Bonstelle - 03/14/98 13:38:49
My Email:mmerx@ejourney.com

I am a descendant Of John McClelland and Elizabeth Boyd, their son William and Mary Prudence (Polly) Willett were my great great grandparents. William Boyd and Emma McRae are my great grandparents and their daughter Elizabeth Jean is my grandmother. My ather is Leslie Erwin Bonstelle and he was born and raised in New Carlisle. I am looking for info on the McRae side and anything prior to John and Elizabeth's arrival to New Carlisle. Thank you, Michelle

Larry McKenzie - 03/12/98 00:23:32
My URL:http:\bc.sympatico.ca
My Email:larry_mckenzie@bc.sympatico.ca

Your site is magnificent. I enjoy reading all the names and some of them are familiar to me. I am searching McKenzie, Mann, Sullivan, Forsythe, Fischer, Beairsto and related families. Very good work.

James Shearer Scott - 03/09/98 06:34:54
My Email:jamess1939@aol.com

Raymond, You have really done an excellent job on this new site. You should know this will help many of us as we attempt to put the family tree pieces together for our future generations. I wish you the best as you continue to do this tedious and impor ant project. Thanks again.

Curtis Patterson - 03/08/98 20:52:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Surf/3565/
My Email:curtp@bigfoot.com

It is looking good, Raymond. Especially like the index to Ken Annett's work. Wishing you the best.